Codes of Conduct

What you can expect from a PIF Home Boarder

  1. A professional, polite and warm greeting when you speak to or meet your home boarder or your dog’s holiday organiser;
  2. A discussion with your home boarder or your dog’s holiday organiser about your pet and its general health and behaviour prior to its stay and ongoing communication, if required, during the stay;
  3. A trial stay prior to first home board to familiarise your dog with its surroundings and ensure that an evaluation can be made that your dog is suitable for home boarding;
  4. Reassurance that your dog will only be home boarded with dogs from other families with your written permission;
  5. An assurance that the total number of dogs boarded in the house is restricted by the local authority licence and you can request sight of the licence;
  6. Reassurance that your dog will only be boarded in the home and not in outbuildings;
  7. Communication from your home boarder by keeping you informed immediately if issues arise or problems are found during your pet’s stay with them;
  8. Assurance that your home boarder is fully insured, providing protection for your pet whilst in their care;
  9. Reassurance that your home boarder has a duty of care to your pet throughout its stay and abides by the five animal needs as set out in the Animal Welfare Act;
  10. Assurance that your home boarder is first aid trained, or has access to a vet or trained pet first aider in the event of an accident or emergency;
  11. Reassurance that the garden of your home boarder is secure and escape proof, and if your dog is walked it will only be undertaken with, first, your written permission and secondly with a secure lead and collar either provided by you or the home boarder. All dogs’ collars will be tagged with the name and address of the home boarder whilst in their care;
  12. If your home boarder or holiday stay organiser is to transport your pet, your dog will not leave be left unattended in a vehicle (unless collecting or dropping off other dogs) and it will be transported using suitable crating or harnesses and in a vehicle with adequate ventilation and temperature control. Your Home Boarder is a member of the Pet Services Association (PSA), a division of the Pet Industry Federation (PIF), the largest UK trade association for pet businesses.

Your home boarder has agreed to abide by PIF’s membership charter and the PSA’s code of conduct.

The Pet Industry Federation offers a dispute resolution service should you find that your boarding establishment is not abiding by this code